Monday, December 17, 2007

And now, a word from The Shrub...

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the two back to back news stories I just saw on Yahoo?

Bush says US economy is safe and sound (AP)

AP - President Bush on Monday tried to reassure an edgy public that the economy is "pretty good" despite the dreary mix of a failing housing market, a national credit crunch and surging energy costs. Followed by:

Stocks fall amid economic worries (AP)

Wall Street extended last week's losses Monday as investors remained concerned about flagging growth and rising prices, and were skeptical that a special Federal Reserve credit auction will be a solution.

The man seriously needs a reality check...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My fantasy...

I know I will probably risk losing my dyke card for saying this...but after watching an hour of her on tv and realizing how absolutely smitten I am with this woman...I confess...

I would love to spend a day with Rachel Ray. There. I said it.

Picture this... Rachel comes over and transforms my kitchen into a gourmet pleasure palace - picture that cool retro look she has going on on her set - lots of tile and expensive cookware. We open a bottle of fabulous wine and I settle in on a comfy high stool opposite the cooking area where I spend the next hour or so watching her prepare us a feast while we sip wine and she performs her kitchen magic (which absolutely MUST include smashing baby potatoes which have been simmering in the expensive cookware with a bottle of EVOO).

I know. Lame.

Hmmmm...what about dessert?

Friday, December 14, 2007

FO Friday

Wow, it's been a month since I last updated! I think of it all the time, and I have these great thoughts of things I want to say here - but I just don't have the chance to write as I am usually in my car, or out walking So anyway, life is good. Got me one of these and it is making a HUGE difference! It's a light box, or they are also called a sunlight. I sit in front of it every morning for 20 - 30 minutes. It's made a big difference in my energy level and my mood. Normally I tough out winter, this year I'm actually out doing things, sleeping well, and waking up feeling rested - YAY!! OK, so here are my most recent FOs... This is Fetching and Calorimetry. OK, I guess technically Calorimetry is not finished as I still need to get the button for it. I knit these in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It took a little more than 1 ball for the mitts and I had maybe 12" left when I finished the headband. I did another set in another color, same's a pic of the mitts... Where's the matching headband you ask?? Well, it would seem that I ran out of yarn with 1 row left to go plus binding off. I'm not very happy with this yarn at the moment. While it is wonderful and soft, this color has had knotted joins in every skein. I returned the first skein, as I saw the join before I even removed the ball band. The next skein had 3 joins, the last one, 2. And that made all the difference. I really hate that I have to buy one more ball. These socks were a fun and quick knit. The Harlot's basic sock recipe knit on size 5 dpns. The yarn is called Knitcol and I think it is by Adriafil. Anyway, its very soft and light and the socks don't feel bulky. I picked the yarn up at The Yarnsellar a few weeks ago. And finally, a pair of warm knit socks for me, made out of Peace Fleece DK. I still need to wash and block them to soften them up. I think Zuni might have her own blog...she's being very secretive about it...
And finally, here is our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree..which is what you do when you have a kitten in the house!