Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lisha Lace Scarf

I am honored that the lovely Gina was inspired to create a beautiful pattern named in my honor. And I quote,
"This luxury scarf pattern was designed with friendships in mind...It was created and inspired by my friend, Lisha, and uses the beautiful, handpainted yarn of one of one my dearest friends, Heather of Sereknity Yarn and Fiber. My best friend, Jackie, was kind enough to model my design and makes the scarf look so lovely. This scarf would make a wonderful gift for a loving friend, especially a fellow knitter!"

my secret fantasy The lovely Jackie is modeling...
You can order the pattern here, and here. And, if I can ever get my head to wrap itself around how to make links here on blogger, I will have a link up as well. That is actually my goal this week.

Now I just need to get some of that yummy yarn from Heather and imagonna make me one! Cuz the Lisha needs to have one!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In case you can't read what that is, it is 100 degrees. My weatherbug toolbar thing turned red when it hit 100.

Yesterday I went out and purchased an air conditioner. I was really afraid that my second floor apartment would just be too hot for Rusty and Zuni. Cindi offered to take them to her dads, and while I would feel comfortable letting Rusty go, I don't think Zuni would like it too much. So, I closed off rooms and plunked an a/c into the living room. This morning things had cooled down to a comfy 72. Yay! It will be interesting to see if the unit was able to keep up with it today though. At least last night I was able to do some spinning. TOnight I will try and post a picture of my first plyed yarn. Something finally clicked for me this weekend and I understand the whole spinning thing alot better. Thanks Sadia! Now to make plans to head up to Spunky and get a new spindle and some yummy fiber!

Tired today. I hate being cooped up inside and am looking forward to normal weather again. But for tonight, it will be cooped up again. Sox are playing. Bed early I hope!!