Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dusting off the Blog and a recipe

And it has been a LONG while since I have wandered around here!!

Life is good. Most would find my life boring, but I am way content.

Baseball is on the horizon. And spring. And the pool. And summer which I love the most.

Work is good. Tolerable. Friends have had challenges - me no likee.

Made this recipe from Bon Appetit on Saturday. Heated up leftovers tonight - tis true, lasagna improves with age! It really was delish, but I really dislike the way Bon Appetit presents their recipes. I am going to re-write it so it is in sync with the way my brain works when I cook. I am all about multi-tasking, and this recipe was not my friend in that way. But that's ok, I can rework it.

But yeah...life is good for the most part. Content. Finally!!! Restless used to be a way of life - no more!