Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tools of the Trade

So last night was knitting nite at Barnes and Noble over on South Willow. It was blogless Amanda's birthday! I normally don't get to stay that late, but since I had today off, I decided to stay out late with the big kids and go over to Famous Dave's after. (I wasn't that impressed with the sandwich I had - I like the pulled pork at Smokey Bones better, but I'm told I should give Daves another chance and try the ribs next time - will do!). So Gina asked if anyone had a tape measure, and I always carry mine with me in my sock bag, so I whipped it out and passed it over.
I think silence may have settled in over the group for a moment of 2 as people began to notice the tape measure. I've had it for probably 10 years, I used to use it when I was into quilting (which I would love to get into again, but right now the knitting has my attention). So anyway, long story short, my sacred tape measure was mocked! In public! I believe the suggestion was made that I should iron it. Although I think tossing it got more votes. Anyway...

Got some good knitting in today. Worked on my second Cascading Leaves (pattern is by Jean Townsend and I got it from the yahoo group Townsend Sock Knit-a-long) sock in Knit Picks Essential Tweed, Inca Gold. This yarn is SO SOFT!!

Then tonight I went down to Cambridge to celebrate Cindi's 19th (gasp) birthday with her dad and her 2 younger sisters. He drove, so I had a good hour knitting time in the car. Cindi's youngest sister is 10, and she has some motor skill challenges due to oxygen deprivation at birth. She was fascinated by my yarn and she spent most of the ride down to Cambridge holding my yarn while I knit, unraveling it a bit at a time, using her imagination to pretend she was knitting too, scarves and socks and hats, and we indulged in other silliness too. She asked me how come I was making socks, and I said have you ever worn a pair of handmade socks? She said no, so I promised her I would make her a pair in her favorite colors (pink and purple) and then she would understand why handmade socks are so wonderful and why I make them. So on the ride back, it was dark, and I wasn't planning on trying to knit...I wondered if she would say anything about that. As SOON as I buckled her in next to me she said "Where's your yarn?" Again, most of the ride home, she entertained herself with the yarn, and with making a "yarn monster" and generally cracking me up! It was really nice to have some bonding time with her. She wanted me to try and show her how to knit with her hands. Well, being that it was dark, and that the yarn was attached to my socks, that wasn't going to happen. But I did promise her that me and her sister would teach her how to knit. I know it will be a challenge for her, but I'm thinking if I get her some large needles and some worsted or bulky weight yarn, that she may be able to learn, and who knows, maybe it would actually help with her motor skills?
I'm got alot of work done on my Regia Crazy Stripes socks - I do have 2 more skeins up for sale ($8 for both - I got 'em for a good price) or to swap.

So I think I will have one finished pair this weekend and the Crazy Stripe 1st sock cast on. I have 3 more sock yarns waiting in the wings...hey, anyone ever done, or know how hard it is to knit a pair of socks and do the heel and the toe in a contrasting color?

Oh yeah...we ate at Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers in Harvard Square (formerly known as Mr and Mrs Bartley's Burger Cottage). What a great experience, if you ever go to Harvard Sq I highly recommend it. Perhaps we should all take a field trip down to Cambridge this spring and visit Minds Eye and then go have burgers?


Monday, February 19, 2007

So much for weekly posts...SORRY!!! Have I taken those pictures of what I am knitting? NO!! I suck! I went to visit family this weekend in Portland (ME), it was SPA weekendl, and I spent all of 30 minutes there. Sorry, I just love my family more than knitting!! But, MUCH knitting happened this weekend. I worked on 2 socks and that cool Knitty scarf thing in Cascade 220...yah, so I get up at 5:30 this morning to head back here, and I take a few minutes to watch my bro do his weather forecast on the TV and then me and that cute dog hit the road. We stop at my favorite Mobil station that has every flavor of green mountain coffee known to man, and then we go get donuts at Tony's. For the record? I do not eat donuts. I abhor Dunkin Donuts donuts. But Tony's? WOW!! If you know me, you know that I do not like sweets. I purchased 2 glazed donuts and an apple turnover for $2.45. Seriously!!
Tony's Donuts, on Bolton Street off of outer Congress, has been dipping yummy, priced-to-move donuts in boiling oil since 1965. One of only a handful of hand-cut donut shops remaining in Maine, Tony's was founded by Antonio Fournier, a donut-obsessed Italian who ran two donut shops in Portland before settling into Tony's 40 years ago. Sadly, Antonio passed away this past August, but his children still oversee the cutting and frying of about 300 dozen old-school donuts a day. Like a lot here, the old family recipe hasn't changed, says Tony's son Rick Fournier. Just don't ask for any ingredient secrets - they could tell you, but, well, you know. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by. A visit to Tony's doesn't cost much - donuts here are priced at 70 cents; a 10 ounce cup of Joe is one dollar. We're partial to the molasses glazed donut, with real molasses, that Rick himself developed about a decade ago. But, shocker, the young Fournier says the real big seller here is the regular plain donut. Ah, city by the sea, you're so old fashioned.
For those of you looking to charm someone on pocket change, Tony's stays open for thrifty dates until 8 pm every night except for Wednesday and Friday, when they close at 7 pm. Why Wednesday and Friday? No clue.
Tony's Donuts is located at 9 Bolton Street, in Portland | 207.772.2727

Yah, so I will *try* to post some actual knitting pics this week....xo

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Overwhelmed here...decided to get on the blog wagon...though it has already seriously cut into my knitting time tonight! I'll have to figure out how to link to my friends blogs and all that and take pictures of what I'm working on and all that. It won't all be about knitting...that would be boring! Tonight I am hanging out with Rusty, my dog...enjoying a glass of wine after a long day at work and looking forward to relaxing. And knitting. I hope I can find it in me to put time in to keeping a blog - I'm on the computer all day and it's not really the thing I want to do at night...but maybe once I get it all set up it won't feel like it's all that time consuming?

Well, I will post a picture of something I have knitted...these are mittens I made for Cindi (my daughter) for Christmas last year to match a wild scarf I made her. I love to take pictures of thinfs I have made outside in the natural light.