Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks Bill - great idea!!

I received the following e-mail today from none other than our former President, Bill Clinton!!

Dear Melissa,

During the 2008 campaign I had the opportunity to meet Hillary's supporters from all over the country. I met so many wonderful people and had so many great conversations.

A few months ago, I had a chance to do that again, when the campaign flew one of Hillary's biggest supporters, who won our previous contest, to New York to visit me. We talked about how Hillary's doing as Secretary of State and the current state of the world, and about the work of my foundation.

I had such a good time that I'd like to do it again. How would you like the chance to come up to New York and spend a day with me?

Hillary's campaign still has a few vestiges of debt that I know she would like to see paid in full. Will you reach out today to help Hillary this one last time? If you enter between now and May 18th, you might join me for a day in New York.

Click here to help pay down the last of our campaign debt, and we might fly you to New York to spend the day with me.

I'm so proud of the work Hillary has done as Secretary of State, traveling the world, restoring the country's alliances, and making America stronger. And as I watch health care reform sweep the country, I can't help but think about how much she has contributed over the years to make the progress we are making possible.

I know you share my pride in all her accomplishments, and I know how much your continued support means to her.

And yes, she still needs your help. That's why we're going to choose one supporter who enters between now and May 18th and fly them and a guest to New York, where they'll spend a day with me.

Contribute $5 or more today for your chance to join me for a day in New York City.

Thank you for the wonderful support you've shown to both me and Hillary over the years. Our lives are richer for knowing you.

Bill Clinton

How fabulous is this? For a mere $5 I could have the chance to spend the day with Bill Clinton! You can imagine my disappointment though...unfortunately, I need to use that $5 to pay down my own debt.

But it gave me a great idea! I mean, I have a fair share of debt, those student loans are going to be around at least another 10 years, you know? And the Clintons...well...don't get me wrong now, but something tells me they have the means to pay off their debt much easier than I do, just saying.

So...why not send that money to me instead? Seriously...send me at least $5 and I will enter your name into a drawing to spend the day with me! I can come over and we can, I don't know, rent some movies and I'll make a yummy meal for you. I think that's a pretty good deal! So leave me some love in the comments if you're interested, 'k?

And thanks Bill, I think those student loans of mine are soon going to be paid