Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dogs Blog

Hey!! Mom's in the shower and she left her computer on, so me (Rusty) and Wally (my brother who is visiting)
and Lincoln (my new friend) thought we would help her out and update her blog. We wanted to take pictures of us outside, but none of have thumbs and we couldn't get the door opened. We'll ask mom to take some this week. We are having such a fun time together!!! Mom was gone for a few hours today and we all hung out and played cards and smoked cigahs...and we made Lincoln an honorary Bichon so he wouldn't feel left out.

Hi, it's Lincoln. I'm having a nice time here with Rusty and Melissa, and now, Wally, but I do miss my family and I hope they are having fun. Melissa plays with colored string too mom! Don't tell Melissa, but I sneak up on her bed when she is not here...I think she might be pretending she doesn't know though. I took some pictures of the stuff she made with string this weekend:
I think I heard her say it's called a "swetter" - that sounds weird to me. She seems to really like the way it is turning out. I hope she doesn't try to make me wear it.

She played with this too... it looks like a tiger!!

Wally wanted to write something to, but it looks like he already went to bed. I think I'll see about getting another cookie and heading there myself...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

we all shine on... the moon and the stars and the sun (John Lennon)

Heard that song this morning on my way to the highway and it stuck in my head. My first thought this morning was...I am happy! Not that I am not normally's just not usually the first thing that pops into my head. Usually it is the list of things I have to do...anyway...

I started a post about WWKIP day here in Manchester and never got around to finishing it...we had a blast in spite of the pouring rain. No newcomers, but then we did end up at a completely different park than was advertised, due to the rain.
I was so cold by the time I got home!! For some reason, rainy days make such great knitting days, don't they?

Not too much else knitting related going on. Squeezing it in when I can and working on some gifts so can't really say much about that right now. I've been making time to go to the gym more often, along with eating better, and that takes time to plan and prepare and all that. I wish I could work less hours and have more time for everything else. Gotta try and manifest that for myself.