Sunday, November 11, 2007


I promise I will post this week and there will be knitting and yarn involved. Got alot of knitting done this weekend. Started the second sock in Peace Fleece and am just about finished with the first Endpaper Mitt. Pics later this week. Worked on the sweater as well, that is coming right along. Had some great quality cuddle time with Zuni today. I think she felt bad about what she did yesterday. She's been doing pretty good with the whole knitting thing, but I do acknowledge that it must be very tempting for a little kitty girl to have all this yarn dangling about her. So yesterday morning she insisted on being in my lap while I was working on the Mitts - they are 2 stranded knitting - and without my even being aware of it, she managed to chew through one of the strands. I 'm knitting along and all of a sudden I have an end...hmmmmm... No great harm done though.

Did a ton of cooking this weekend. Chili. Pot Roast and Garlic Mashed taters. Chicken Soup. Oh, and my neighbor brought me some rice and beans that her hubby made. Yum. I like going into the week knowing I have plenty of food in the house and won't have to cook when I get home from work.

I'm looking for some music suggestions. I need some new selections to load on the iPod for work. So either post those ideas here, or e-mail me (racingspirit at comcast dot net).

Who is your favorite artist? Name 2 of their songs.
Know any good rockin' out sure to get you motivated songs?
Or any good meditation music?
Ever buy music on iTunes? I am thinking of trying it...

I'm listening to some music that I heard today at Yoga. It's called SoulFood. Check it out. I haven't been to yoga in a while. Well, really to the gym period. I went 4 times this week, counting today, plus a 5th workout at PT. Today I went to yoga really looking forward to that quiet, gentle space. Teacher was in the "we're going to do vigorous yoga today" mode. I almost packed it up. But, I decided to just go with it. Lot's of resistance in the beginning. I'm out of shape, I've gained some weight, that makes it harder. But I went with it anyway. And about 20 minutes into it, I just thought, ok, I am just going to give myself over to this yoga. It will be what it will be. I did what I could and honored my physical boundaries. And it was great!

Rusty is doing good - thanks to everyone who has asked this week, it means alot. We're going to see the vet later this week and I will keep y'all posted. For now, time for sleep!!


Marion said...

I listen to Irish, folk, country and old folk music so I can't give a personal recommendation, but on this blog,Prairie Gumbo, there is a comment about an album of Zydeco and New Orleans R&B that sounds like it would get a person moving. Name: "Hurricane On the Bayou"

Lora said...

ok a couple songs that get me moving.
ABBA (I know..ack!) Take a chance on me.
Scissor Sisters "I don't feel like Dancing"
Everclear "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"
Fountians of Wayne "Hey Julie"
Songs that relax me and make me feel calm.
Black Crows "She talks to Angels"
Billy Joel "She's got a way"
Bread "If" (sung at our wedding)
Damien Rice "The Blowers Daughter"
Norah Jones & Willie Nelson "Wulitzer Prize"
I could go on and on!! I love music. Love how it can change my mood from sad to happy in just a couple cords!! The Best Medicine :)

Jackie said...

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers 2 songs: Can't Stop from By the Way and Give it Away from Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Two good ones. To get my rock on, you can't beat The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Where did you go? Or anything by the Dropkick Murphys (especially I'm shipping up to Boston)
James Taylor is my favorite for soft rock, really anything from the greatest hits album.
The Shins are pretty great, too. Check out Oh Inverted World. Great album. Oh, and you can never go wrong with Coldplay. I'll shut up now.

By the way, I love itunes. It's the only way I get my music now.

SleepyEyes said...

Can't wait to see pics of the knitting. Your sock was coming along so nicely last time!

Okay...for music...right now I love Maroon 5. Gorgeous guys, sexy, upbeat (or alternately romantic-ish) music.

I always buy stuff from iTunes and gift cards are really great, too. I think you can buy them at the grocery store, which is very convenient.

Yoga/meditation music....oh, wow...I have like 100 of those. Do you want me to bring you a selection? I recommend the group, Secret Garden, (especially Songs for the New Millenium and White Stones) VERY highly, any and all of the Living Arts "Music for..." series (which is at B&N) and "SPA" by Henny Baker (I think). Or anything by Steve and David Gordon...I have Garden of Serenity 1 and 2.

Hope that helps! : )

P.S. I'm bringing that Spunky worsted weight yarn tonight for you to take a look at.....K?

Tallguy said...

Oh, Melissa!!! It's sacrilegious to NOT know about EZ and BSJ!!

LMardenNH said...

If you haven't found her already, check out Allison Moyet. She was the singer for Yaz, also known previously as Yazoo, a synth pop group from the 80's. Killer voice. Check out Yaz too, for that matter.

LMardenNH said...

Oh yeah - check out Sonia Dada too.

LMardenNH said...

OK - I was feeling guilty because I hadn't posted a blog in a while. Get going, girl!!!!

Magnolia said...

Thanks for writing this.