Saturday, February 14, 2009

Self-Love - a great concept!

Fabulous is celebrating Self-Love Day. Go here for more info on this.

It's a great idea! How many of us truly love ourselves? I mean, every little flaw and quirk? The best lesson I have learned, and it's only in the last couple of years that I have put it into practice and really learned it, is that I HAVE to love myself and cultivate a healthy relationship with MYSELF before I can have that with anyone else. Bottom line. And how many of us take the time to cultivate this important relationship with ourselves? It is essential.

So, today I am taking myself out for the day. I am including my favorite-est person in the world, the beautiful young woman I am blessed to be a mom to, and we are going to go laugh our way through Cambridge and have a yummy lunch somewhere and visit lots of shops.
So, if ya wanna play too, the rules are really simple.

1. Post a banner on your blog - there are a couple to choose from.
2. Post one nice thing about yourself……then ask others to post one thing that they really like about you.
3. Enjoy yourself!

OK - so, here is one nice thing about me... I care very deeply about people and will pretty much do anything for anyone in need.

Much love to you all today!!! xoxoxox


Lora said...

You are a wonderful friend and a great animal lover!! You are great to Rusty and Zuni and they are lucky to have you! You've also extended your animal love to our Lincoln, and for that I'm thankful!

Anonymous said...

Self-love - such a tough thing to learn.

I'll list the first nice thing I noticed about you (there are MANY):

You have a smile that makes everyone around you want to smile.