Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something fishy...

Decided to google some local options for fresh local fish. There are a couple of options in Cambridge I will check out when I am down there visiting Cindi. And a couple more in Portland, ME I will check out when I visit the family later this month. I figure I can bring a cooler and buy enough for a couple of weeks, which when you think about it, for one person won't be alot really. Here are the places I will be looking at. If you know anything about any of them, please share!

Browne Trading Company - Portland, ME
From the website, it looks like they only sell large poundage/whole fish. Not interested in cleaning fish!! I'll go check them out anyway.

Free Range Fish - Portland, ME
I can't wait to check this place out, from what I see on the website they have everything I am looking for - scallops, clams, and haddock - all local!

Harbor Fish Market - Portland, ME
This one looks promising as well

New Deal Fish Market - Cambridge, MA
No info on their website, will check them out soon.

Courthouse Seafood
- Cambridge, MA
looks to be near New Deal, same day

Mercato del Mere - North End, Boston
This place looks AWESOME!! I think I know where me and Cindi are
having dinner next week - somewhere in the North End so I can check this
place out. I am certain I can bribe her with the promise of a box of cannolli's from Mike's.

I realized today that I am kind of under the gun here to pull this off. Oops. But, that is typically how I operate - think about everything for a very long time then do all the actual work at the last minute and it all works.

I think I have seafood/fish covered. Meat and chicken options are available at a local market, and I am going to stock up at the farmers market over the next 5 weeks. And there will be plenty of eggs and cheese. And yogurt. So I have protein covered.

Next I will be moving onto grains and pasta! Can you stand the excitement peeps?

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JJ said...

I've been to New Deal seafood market once. I got great sushi-grade fish there for a reasonable price. They opened late the day I went because the fishing boats were apparently late. Not a lot of selection at the time because of it. However, while I was waiting for my fish to be wrapped, the guy was on the phone with his dad, going over the list of types of seafood he wanted him to choose.