Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The little voices belong to my stash...

and they tell me to start yet *another* project. At the moment I have 4 active WIPs. There are a couple more lurking in the shadows that I have no immediate plans to pick up again. One is a scarf I started making almost 2 years ago for someone else to match the mittens I made...hopefully she has forgotten about it because I just can't see myself picking it up again, for various reasons...another is a second sock of a Fair Isle sock I did last summer. It will be good beach knitting. Then there is the lace project I attempted last summer - the yarn does nothing for me and I do believe I will place it in the give-away pile.
The active projects though, they
are things I enjoy at the moment. I wish there was a way to work on all at the same time.

First there is the Booga Bag, started at Knit Camp several weeks ago. I take it to meeting and out in public, since it is just knitting, not thinking involved. I hope to finish it tomorrow at the all day class I have at work.

Next is the Forest Canopy Shawl I started a few weeks ago in the amazing lace yarn I bought from Ray at Knitivity. The picture does not do the yarn justice. Normally I am not at all drawn to a yarn with so many colors in it. Truth be told, I mainly bought this yarn because of how soft it was. I gotta tell ya, I am in love with the colors. It's like, yes, there are alot of them, but they are all just the right color level and it works. I will definitely be ordering more yarn from Knitivity, and if you haven't been to the site yet, you just are missing out!!

I started these socks last week (ok, maybe it was the week before) for my
friend Wendy. She is one of those rare friends that is a great listener and when you ask for advice, or her opinion, she gives you an honest answer. Wendy LOVES tigers, so when I found that Opal had a Rainforest Tiger sock yarn, I had to get some. My friend Donna hooked me up (she has some secret Opal connection or something, I looked all over for it, including eBay) and Wendy picked out this pattern from Sock Bug, it's called Bubble Wrap. I'm knitting both socks at once on dpns...magic loop just wasn't for me, I am much faster on the dpns and there is no cable to futz around with.

Last night, I heard the voices again. The voices of my stash. I suppose it is my own fault for moving some of my stash out to the living room where it can work on me. The yarn that roped me in last night (get it? yarn? rope? lame...) was from the amazing Heather of Sereknity
Heather is soooooo talented and her yarn is just amazing. She is known to arrive at our Wednesday
knitting night with a big bag of crack yarn and the needles fly as we all pounce to get first dibs on it. I bought this yarn several months ago and was going to make socks with it, but it just begged to be used for a Radiance Lace headband, designed by none other than the lovely Gina - check out her patterns for sale, and her blog, at Sleepy Eyes Knitting and also download her fun podcasts!! I decided on the Amanda as my first headband, since it is named for my best girl blogless Amanda...

Oh, and Rusty wanted you all to know that he helped me with the photos tonight...whatta guy, huh?


Julie said...

Hi Rusty, when are you coming to vist again?

I keep my stash upstairs behind closed doors but it still manages to yell to me! You have some great WIP's going on; it must be hard to choose which one you feel like working on. I can't wait to see the shawl.

Barbara said...

hey chica! Nice going on that Forest Canopy - it's an easy knit - eh?

I love the way the colors are coming out on it.


Amanda1 said...

Was nice to see these WIP's in person tonight. I always love talking to you!

SleepyEyes said...

Hi Rusty! (the only dog I've ever liked)

I'm in LOVE with your shawl and that yarn! And the Booga Bag....aren't you excited to make another one???

Those socks are coming out fantastic!

And I'm so happy that you're making my headband. I've got to make one myself. Don't forget to send me pictures!!!

Hugs and more hugs....G : )

Nichole said...

Zeus, Lola, Teutul & Trixie all say WOOF to Rusty (actually, I think my 3 say "hey dude, you want to take Trixie to your house??") LOL And they say "screw Gina!" LOL... just kidding!

How's your booga bag coming and what color did you use?

KnitterMan said...

HEY! Thank you for the plug! Someone visited Knitivity by a link on your blog. I LOVE the shawl you started with the lace weight! I snagged a copy of your picture and put it on my Customer Projects page, with a link back to your blog. Hope you don't mind, but I love showing off what my customers do with the yarns they buy from me. Hugs! Ray