Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gearing Up...

for vacation!!! I so do not feel like I'm not at the moment! I had the morning off and came into work at 1:00. Why? Because I had a late night last night. Why? Because I went here with Lora to see
Brandi Carlile

and Indigo Girls!!
Lora's got some pics and videos up - I completely forgot to grab my camera on the way out the door, but she was kind enough to share hers with me.

Brandi Carlile opened. I had seen her about a month ago in Boston, with her band, and at first I was disappointed to see this was going to be an acoustic show. By the end of the first song (Someday Never Comes) I had goosebumps that lasted through her whole set. The Girls came out and sang on Cannonball with her - their harmonic blend was so amazing. Brandi came out for 5 or 6 songs during the Indigo Girls set and once again, incredible harmony. I enjoyed the Indigo Girls also, though I would have preferred seeing them with their band. I'd never seen them before and it was a great first show. The crowd was great, the venue I absolutely love. At first I was a little disappointed because they played so many songs I don't really like all that much, you know the ones you always tend to skip over in the car...(Ozilline, Yield) but then they made me happy by doing World Falls and Hope Alone (didn't expect to hear that one and I LOVE that song) with Brandi Carlile on both. But what really sealed the deal for me was Amy doing Romeo and Juliet (had tears in my eyes at the end of that one!) and Kid Fears. When they started in on Kid Fears I said to Lora that this song just won't be the same without Micheal Stipes from REM singing his part...ok...I was right...because it was even better...they had Brandi Carlile come out and sing that part and the goosebumps were back!! What a great show, I could hardly get to sleep last night from the energy of such fine music...
Glad I took this morning off from work. Got some stuff done around the house, gave Rusty his pre-vacation bath and now am at work. Surprisingly, given how little sleep I got, I am not feeling tired.

Well, I suppose I should go do some work today...wish vacation started right now!!!


Mel said...

We thought about going to the concert, but we went to the big HRC thing in Boston in June, which pretty much shot our concert budget. Did they say, "Thanks, y'all," after every song like when I saw them in NC?

Jennie said...

IG are so great! I just saw them last year in SF, and they were so awesome. I loved the way they welcomed the audience to singing along.

Loved the goosebump comment! I'm a big fan of acoustic shows. Glad you had a great time! (IME, they always share the stage with the other performers, which is so great.)