Sunday, January 20, 2008

Signs of Spring

Feb 13Red Sox Spring Training LIVE6:30 pm
Feb 14Red Sox Spring Training LIVE10:00 am
Feb 15Red Sox Spring Training LIVE10:00 am
Feb 19Globe 10.0 (from Ft. Myers)5:30 pm
Feb 20Red Sox Spring Training LIVE10:00 am
Feb 20Globe 10.0 (from Ft. Myers)5:30 pm
Feb 21Red Sox Spring Training LIVE10:00 am
Feb 21Globe 10.0 (from Ft. Myers)5:30 pm
Feb 22Red Sox Spring Training LIVE10:00 am
Feb 29Red Sox vs. Twins7:00 pm
Mar 2Red Sox @ Twins1:00 pm
Mar 9Red Sox @ Dodgers1:00 pm
Mar 16Red Sox @ Pirates1:00 pm
Mar 17Red Sox @ Yankees1:00 pm
Mar 19Red Sox vs. Blue Jays12:00 pm
Mar 29Red Sox vs. Dodgers (@ LA County)TBD

This is making me pretty happy. My boys!! Less than a month away and I will be reunited...and look at all the spring training we get to watch this year! And don't forget that between Mar 19 and Mar 29 we will have the 2 games against Oakland over in Japan. I hear they are going to be on at like 6 AM. How cool will it be to camp out on the couch so I can set the TV to wake me up to the pre-game show?!?!? I know. I am pathetic. And I don't care.

And a big congrats to the Pats and Giants. The Giants pulled it off and I didn't think they would.

My uncle was so cute - he called me last night - didn't recognize the number, but I answered anyway, and this voice says "Go Pats". He lives in California, has lived there for as long as I have known him (I met him when I was 13) but he still loves his Pats. He is such a great guy - we reconnected a few years ago (that's a great story for another day when it's not so late) and lately we have made a point to keep in touch and talk about once a month. It's really great because we get on the phone and before you know it 2 hours have gone by! And I am not much of a phone talker but I just love talking to him. He's 78, but his mind and his heart are so much younger. I am really hoping to get out to see him this year. In the meantime though, it's off to bed so I can go make the money!

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