Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random BP*

  • I'm glad the most recent missing hikers were found safely. What bothers me though is that people go up into the White Mountains in the dead of winter. I can understand an experienced hiker wanting the challenge. But how about taking into consideration the lives that are placed in danger when they have to go looking for your frozen ass.
  • Dear City of Manchester - What is up with the roads disintegrating? There's this new invention called asphalt, I hear it is pretty amazing. The intersection of Granite and Elm has been an axle-breaker for the past month and is just getting worse.
  • Speaking of Granite St...Dear People who use the Granite Street Bridge - there is this thing called a yellow line that is painted down the middle of the bridge. Please stop crossing over it as I am trying to get to the highway to go to work. 'k, thanks!
  • If anyone remembers Charles Laquidara from the old days of WBCN, The Big Mattress has a blog
  • The aforementioned blog is where I found the link to pictures of Lindsay Lohan posing as her idol, Marilyn Monroe. (warning, that link does contain nudity). It would be more appropriate to call this "Shots of Linsday's rack with a messy blonde wig." Marilyn was a class act and slapping a blonde wig on a skank and saying she is anything remotely resembling Marilyn - it's just wrong
  • I spun yarn over the weekend. Tee hee. It's even hanging up here at work on my cube. I'll take a picture of it later before I leave.
  • Spring training has begun. You know you are a baseball geek when you download the entire season schedule into your Outlook calendar. Want to know when the Sox are playing the Yankees? I can have that info in seconds!
  • Work. Nothing bad going on, but morale is low and our boss is leaving. Uncertainty about what that will mean for us, and as usual, no communication. I am grateful I have a job, I do love what I do, but I would be much happier at a smaller company, at least that's what I think. If I win the powerball tonight, the Omlette Shoppe in Ogunquit is for sale for $1M. I'll hire someone to run it for me, work a little here and there, and park it on the beach anytime I want!
*Bullet Post. Inspired by the Sheep, only hers rock!


Julie said...

Thanks for the Big Mattress link; looks like I'll have to wait until I'm at home to click on any links on his blog though :)

yarnophiliac said...

I have to agree -- Lohan just looked so trashy. wtf. you know, I keep pulling for the girl, but you have to wonder...