Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching up...

Today is April 12*

What a great day, make that week! Had the beginning of the week of and got to spend some time with my favorite boys in Maine. I brought my camera, but failed to bring the battery charger, so alas, no pictures. I'm going again in a couple of weeks and will try and remember! Tuesday was my long awaited opening day at Fenway. I even bought a new shirt (#25 Mike Lowell) for the occasion.
Watched the ring ceremony and the opening day festivities.

First we have Papi and his bling...

Last year, MLB decided that Johnny Pesky could no longer sit in the Sox dugout at Fenway. I hear the Yankees complained. Folks, meet the new Red Sox team Instructor:

THIS is why I am proud to be a fan. Pesky is back in the dugout as a staff member and he hoisted the 2007 World Series flag up the pole.

Obligatory Bill Buckner photo. I never knew he was such a soft spoken man. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

Steven Tyler sang the Star Spangled Banner. I wondered where my 8th grade jeans ended up...dude!

The banner is unfurled...underneath the banner are flags (65 I think) representing every country that is a part of Red Sox Nation. Wow.

I *love* this one of Dice K. He is looking very good this year.

And of course, there is Manny...

Thanks to for the pictures.

Yes, I am obsessed. There are worse things to be addicted to. Some of my earliest and happiest childhood memories involve Fenway Park. It's in my blood.

Today was a surprise nice day, in terms of weather. Got to spend some time outside with Rusty and doing some yard work. Weirdest thing...this one section of my backyard? I must have picked at least 40 cigarette butts up. Not all the same brand. Did like a group of people have a party back there? I suspect it is the neighbors, or perhaps some contractors that were back there going some work on their house. But man, that is ALOT of smokes!!

Came in and showered and got ready to go to the tea dance in Lowell. My straight friends always ask what a tea dance is. Well, here is the official Wiki on that. Basically it is a dance that happens in the afternoon. And apparently the gay community adopted this term. Anyway, we got to Lowell at the Brewery Exchange around 4. I'd never been there before. It's pretty cool. When you walk in, the first floor has a dining area, with TV screens everywhere, a couple of bars, darts, air hockey, at least a dozen, if not more pool tables, and a mechanical bull. It is located in an old mill building. Upstairs there was a large room where the actual women's tea dance was happening. To say it was hot up there would be a gross understatement. I regretted my decision not to wear shorts. Some of my friends went off to play pool. Some of us were just hanging out, me included. Instead of the usual great dance music, a woman who sang cover songs really off key serenaded us. During the 3rd song I realized I was becoming rather grumpy and regretting my decision to attend. For one thing, I strongly dislike being in a hot room. I like it cool. And I was getting hungry. And there was a Red Sox game on downtairs. Yeah, 'scuse me my friends, I'll be back. I headed downstairs and grabbed a seat at the bar. Much cooler down there. Enjoyed several innings of the Sox/Yankees game, ate some yummy food, then headed back upstairs and was ready to enjoy some dancing time. Around 8:30 they finally got the a/c working up there. I didn't dance as much as I would have liked to, due to the fact that is was sooooooo hot up there!! But I had a really fun time anyway and saw lots of friends. I still don't know who won the game tonight!! I think I will go watch the rest and find out. Yeah, guilty...I taped the game!!

*Dear Anonymous...
When I realized today's date, I thought of you. Peaceful feelings and happy thoughts that made me smile. No regrets. I think you are awesome!!! xo


Anonymous said...

Just one question - was it hot up there? ;-)

Sonya said...

Olivia and I just has this discussion yesterday. I would rather be an ice cube than lava. She would rather be lava.

Anonymous said...

I went there for july 4 t-dance-it was like Antarctica!