Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Two in one day! Had a great visit with Cindi tonight! (thanks to Lora for the conversation on the way down!) This years dorm is in a great building on Brattle St., a much shorter walk to Harvard Square, but a much longer walk to classes which might suck a bit this winter. We walked over to "the burger shack" where we both decided to try something new. I normally get the Ted Kennedy (cheddar and mushroom) and Cindi the Bill Clinton (BBQ sauce and cheese). This time we both went with something new. She had the Professor Skip Gates (teriyaki with a slice of pineapple) and I had the Michael Bloomberg (mayor of NYC - I had to ask, never heard of him) which was a burger with cheddar, chili and sour cream. Wow. Deee-lish. Waddled back to her dorm (which is part of something called the Episcopal Divinity School, see the pic, it's really cool!!) and as I was heading over to my car, I heard this really cool Indian music and chanting coming from the building across the courtyard. The door was open, so I crept in to check it out. I stood in a brightly lit hall outside an open doorway that led into a small, dimly lit room. In the hallway, lined up neatly, were all the guests shoes. Now, I am not at all drawn to the whole having a guru thing - but I do appreciate the many ways that people chose to worship and pray, and satsang is one of the more joyous ways, I think anyway. I wasn't drawn to go in and sit, it was nice just to hang out in the hall and listen and feel the good energies. After a while the chanting came to a close, and Swami Nityananda began to speak. I listened to him for a few minutes, then gave a little prayerful bow of my head and continued on my way home. I love stumbling upon something like that. Just a little slice of someone else's life. They are doing something called "In the Footsteps of Bliss" where they are going around the world, for the next year, to all the places where Baba Muktananda had touched people's lives. There is a quote on their website that says "May all beings be content". So thank you kind chanting ones for bringing a smile to this heart tonight.
Content. Yes, content is good. I am at a place in my life where I am content and that makes me happier than, well, anything!
So, to all who have commented on my earlier entry - guess I have a few pies to bake, huh? And Mel, I will send you some more pictures of that bone, a different angle and you will be able to see that it is definitely a leg...I'll measure it too, because whoever's leg it was, wasn't very tall!!


Lora said...

Baby, I'll talk to you anytime!!! (oh btw...on my 4th glass of wine...that's where the baby's coming from LMAO!) I'm glad Cyndi has a cool dorm. Giver her hugs from all of us..including Lincoln Bishon!

Lora said...

I should have kept reading
I'm glad you are happy and content!! Sometimes that's just the best feeling isn't it!

SleepyEyes said...

What a great entry! I love the wish for all beings to be content...sounds so lovely and safe and joyful. I'm so happy that you do feel content! Hugs!