Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Tiger in my Bed Kept Me Up Half the Night!

I'm talking about the kitten...what did YOU think? Yeah, Zuni discovered that unsuspecting toes, covered by a mere sheet, make great playthings. This discovery was made around 12:30 AM. And again at 6:00 AM. That combined with very unrestful sleep (my back/shoulder thing was really acting up last night) made for a tired slinger today. That, combined wtih a day when nothing would work, combined with other stuff, has left me feeling tired, on overload, and just needing to hole up tonight. So my dear ManchVegasknitters, I will not be joining you. The thought of actually getting in my car and driving anywhere makes me want to go crawl under a pile of covers...'cept it's too hot for that!! Work challenged me in a big way today. For those of you who don't know what I do, I am a Software QA Analyst - that means I beat on software and make sure it won't break before it gets sent out to the customers. OK yeah, it's a bit more involved than that, but that about sums it up. So Monday and Tuesday were spent trying in vain to re-create a problem in a previous version that has been fixed in the version we are working on. Finally, much to my great joy (I'm talking a chorus of angels sang), I was able to produce the error just before I went home yesterday! Yay!!! That meant that today I could actually start testing it on my system, which has the latest and greatest version of code. So I arrive at the office primed to finally sink my teeth into this one, thought about it the whole ride in, so I get everything ready and on the very first run, it bombs. So I spend the next hour or so going through various checks, only to find that it works everywhere else in the universe except on my system. So, the remainder of my day was spent uninstalling/re-installing, lather, rinse repeat, beg for help (I love my co-workers, they rock!) and at 5:25 pm there was still no solution. Now, usually when there is a problem, it can be reproduced on other systems. Nope. Only mine. THere is a plus side to this. While all the uninstalling/re-installing was happening, I was knitting. It kept me calm. My co-workers should be very thankful for this. Only I realized at 5pm that I had made a mistake and have to rip out a couple rows. (note to Laurin: no frogging is going to happen - I promised I would save all my frogging for when you were present, and I will keep that promise!) One of the reasons I love my co-workers is conversations like this: (Scene: Melissa has just tried the 4 millionth attempt at resolving this situation. Her co-worker, M, has been helping out, but at the moment is elsewhere. Melissa very calmly rises from her chair and proceeds to the QA Lab, where she decides she will make some Iced Coffee using the Iced Tea machine that was purchased for us. (Melissa only just found out this week that said Ice Tea machine can also make Iced Coffee).

So, I grab all the neccesary items and proceed to make the Iced Coffee. At which point, the following exchange occurred:

M: It didn't work, did it?

Me: (smiling) Nope

M: Yeah, I saw you come in and state you were going to make Iced Coffee and I figured.

Me: (smiling) Yup!

About 15 minutes later I returned to the Iced Tea machine to see how my Iced Coffee was doing. What I found was a rather light coffee colored pot of water. (insert big sigh here)

OK, I'll go make regular coffee in the regular coffee machine!!!

Yeah. That was a splendid idea. Only, I made the coffee and then promptly forgot about it until about 15 minutes before quittin' time.

So yah, it's been *that* kind of day!

On top of all just seems like there is an awful lot of *stuff* going on in the world this week. People seem to be really wound up and the energy feels really frenzied. That's reason numero uno why I am hiding out tonight. I am just on overload from all that is going on around me. And I don't know what to do about it. People just seem - for lack of a better word - fried, on so many levels. Even tonight, when I was walking Rusty, I was coming up my street and this guy (who I think is a complete and total a**hole) was publicly fighting with his son (who was practically in tears and is 18!) out on his front stoop, dropping the f*bomb every other word (note: I know those of you who know me would say, whoa, but YOU have quite the potty mouth yourself. To you I will say, indeed, that is true, but I don't stand out in public and run my mouth for everyone to hear).

So, I am choosing to stay in tonight, though I will miss you all (but perhaps Friday night in Windham is happening and I will see you then?) 'cuz I just can't deal with the general (chaos) public at the moment. Instead, I am going to make something yummy to eat, play with my doggy and my kitty, and do some knitting.

Oh. Yeah. Knitting. Let's see. This past weekend I worked on the Forest Canopy Shawl. I did 2 rows and realized that I started on Row 1 when I should have started on Row 3. Had to tink those 2 rows and am going to put in a lifeline before I proceed. I may do that tonight. I did finish the second sock that I an knit-testing for Heather. Heather, if you are going to be at Y&F on Friday night, bring the other one and we'll take pictures!! I am itching to start a new project...I am going to force myself to wait until the weekend though. I guess tonight I will work on Thuja (the sock I messed up at work today) and perhaps I will get at least the first one done!


Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa, sorry to hear you had such a rough day. I'm thinking you are a wise woman to stay in tonight.

I hope things are better tomorrow :-)

ErickaJo said...

All cats know that blanket mice are the rarest and most delicious of mice. Telling them that they are only feet covered by a blanket will do nothing to dissuade them, they knew you'd say that :)

She'll calm down after a while. Most cats do.

And yeah, sleep good.

Lora said...

How funny that you talked about things feeling like they are in a frenzy!! We actually talked about that last night at knitting (while we ate at dave's) and wished we had a pause button sometime just so we could catch up with whatever is draggin us down! Chin up my friend!!

knitintensity said...

playing with a white fluffy puppy always cheers me up!

Jackie said...

We missed you, but I totally understand needing to check out every once in a while. See ya Friday, babe.

LMardenNH said...

girl, kitties are fun, aren't they? we missed you at knitting, but it seemed pretty crazy there too. we just keep growing. so hopefully will see you Friday - definitely save your froggies for me!!

SleepyEyes said...

Man, your day is sucking! But, look at that cute kitty face! When reading the conversation you had at your office, I could just SEE you and hear was almost live!

Hope things are getting better for you and I'll see you tomorrow night for sure!!! HUGS!

Sonya said...

We all have days like that.
Glad you were able to take the down time you needed. I wish you Bright and Shiny days ahead!

NH Knitting Mama said...


Hope you're having a better end to the week.

Gigi said...

Looks like Zuni is as exhausted as you! It was good to see you last night. =-D