Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!

I think it has been a good month just about since I was last able to blog. I have been computerless for a stretch of time here, only able to check e-mail at work (no time to blog or anything) and though I could read e-mail on my old iMac at home, I wasn't able to reply to anything.

Honestly though? I haven't really missed it all that much. Yeah, I do miss reading my blog friends and will get caught up eventually. But I have found that I enjoy mornings more without the computer. Sometimes I read, or knit, or journal instead. Or sleep in a little. And I wait until I get to work now and have a sec to check the e-mail. On weekends, I'm up for hours before I even think to check the e-mail. I like it.

Vacation was soooooooo great. I will post about that another time, when I have my pictures. The fabulous Heather hooked me up with her hubby who has repaired my laptop for me! I totally jumped the gun by ordering this new system...but in the long run it will work out for the best. When I work from home, it is better for me to sit at my desk rather than on the couch with the laptop. And, I *love* my new 19 in flat screen monitor...oh YEAH!

Life has been good, although kinda busy. Cindi is off at school and I do miss her. My nephew left yesterday for Washington State to be with his girlfriend. Send him some good thoughts as he drives across the country all alone. I will be calling him soon to see how he's doing.

Well, one more thing before I go...if you at all like music, please go check out Aksara's website and listen to some samples from their new cd, Comfort and Grace. They have an amazing sound and are a really special group of women. Music and sound are so healing, and so important, and they manage to combine the two in their own special way.

I promise to be better about updating now that I have the new 'puter.


Lora said...

(singing)Welcome back,
Your dreams (broker computer a dream? I think not) were your ticket out.

Welcome back,
To that same old place that you laughed about

SleepyEyes said...

WooHoo on your new computer!!! I love reading your blog because it's *almost* like being in person with you....well, except for the great hugs....xoxxoxo

MsJamie said...

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a computer. If only I could limit myself!

Then again, it does enrich my life in a lot of ways. But it sucks up so much time.


Sonya said...

Hey! Glad to have you back here. I asked Lora just the other day what the heck was going on with ya.