Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day BP

  • I managed to forget about all the stress that is work for 3 days. I was going to "log in" tonight and see what was going on...and I made myself not do it. Tomorrow will be here soon enough!
  • I have really come a long way in the last 2+ years. I've learned ALOT. I know myself so much better than I did 2 years ago.
  • I'm happy. Very happy.
  • But I'm still not ready for a relationship. For many reasons. I'm still enjoying being on my own so much. Not having to answer to anyone. And, just not ready to go there.
  • Yet.
  • My nephew was here for alot of the weekend. We had fun. He's a great person. We get each other.
  • My garden is planted.
  • If anyone has any ideas for building cheap/makeshift trellises for cucumbers and squash, let me know
  • I the almost 8 years that the Shrub has been our Commander-In-Chief, this past weekend was the first time I ever heard him say something I agreed with. He encouraged every American to place a flag on a veterans grave for memorial day. Wow. I did not have an opportunity to get a flag this weekend. But I will. And I will find someone to honor.
  • Because it makes me very sad to read in the news today that a Marine RESERVE unit is being deployed to Iraq for the 3rd time. And that most of the current members are going for the first time. 18 - 22 year olds. Kids.
  • They will patrol the streets. Those are the ones that get killed the most. Security.
  • The RESERVES are only supposed to get called up as kinda a last resort.
  • Back to the garden.
  • I had to drive to Portsmouth this afternoon to return the nephew.
  • We all went out to lunch in Portsmouth.
  • Avocado on a burger is yummy.
  • I thought about going to the beach. But it was really windy today.
  • And there was all the traffic.
  • So I came home. And grabbed Rusty and headed out to finish planting the garden.
  • When I was apartment hunting 2+ years ago, I knew when I saw the yard, and the vegetable garden area, that this was the place.
  • My first year here, I planted lots of stuff.
  • I was going through a really hard time and I didn't have the energy to really devote to maintaining the garden once I had planted it, but I dabbled here and there.
  • Last year I never got around to planting it.
  • Last summer I instead spent alot of time at the beach and did ALOT of healing and pretty much shunned anything that required my time and energy. It was good!
  • But I did miss the garden.
  • Last weekend I got a jump on it and went out and bought all my plants.
  • Saturday I got the plot turned over.
  • Sunday I planted tomatoes and peppers.
  • Tonight I spent about 2 hours out there. Hands, feet, legs, arms in the dirt.
  • It was amazing. I just felt the exchange of energy between me, and the plants and the dirt. I welcomed the plants and talked to them. Thanked them for gracing my garden. Promised to nourish them and tend to them and harvest their gifts.
  • See - there is more to me than the Sox!
  • The Sox are playing a late game. In Seattle.
  • Soon I will retire to my rather unkempt bedroom and fall asleep to the voices of Don and Jerry, and the crack of the bats.
  • I did put away a ton of clothes today. Clothes I can't really fit into at the moment. Clothes I am really sick of.
  • I need a major shopping spree
  • Instead, I will go back to the gym tomorrow. And set the alarm clock for 6 so I can get a 30 minute walk in before work.
  • I'm thinking the 30 minute walk every morning, plus 2 full body Nautilus circuits at the gym every week, plus evening power walks as the weather allow should help with the losing weight thing.
  • I hope everyone had a great long weekend.
  • I hope a year or so from now that I no longer live in the city.
  • Don't get me wrong. I do love my apartment. The positives FAR outweigh the negatives.
  • Sometimes the negatives the tenement that burned in April? Still sitting there uninhabited and boarded up.
  • And then there is the crazy guy with the Don King hair that lives in the 1st floor apartment on the corner. His car looks like someone takes a baseball bat to it every other day. He is a maniac. I saw him actually slug a woman a couple of weeks ago. I'm talking total right hook.
  • And I bet none of you went out last evening to take your dog for a walk around the block and came back to find a young Latino girl in handcuffs, 2 cruisers, and lots of people milling around. I think it was an immigration issue. But still.
  • I'm not a city girl.
  • But for now, it's good. And so am I!

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SleepyEyes said...

I loved reading this, Lisha. I really did. You got me all inspired and looking forward to my own garden and self improvement. Really great! ; )