Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spa-wing Feevah (I haz it)

Today was just one of those days when nothing could get me down. I had a smile on my face all day, even when I was venting to one of my co-workers. On our ever-expanding walk tonight, the there was this burning smell in the air. It was everywhere. I wondered what was burning this time. The answer? Seems everyone in the city is barbecuing tonight. Smelled delish! I found myself just totally into people today (kinda odd for me). The whole way home I didn't swear at another driver once. No impatience. (The daughter will tell you how often THAT happens - she learned all the swear words riding around with me). Turned on the tv just before 7 for the game, and caught the last story on ABC news - a musician took a cab from NYC to his apartment in NJ, and realized he had left his $4M Stradivarius violin in the cab!! He called 911 (I would *love* to hear the tape of that call) and the instrument was found. As thanks, today he played a special concert just for the NY cabbies. I was reaching for the Kleenex. Then Charles Gibson said "I hope you had a good day" and I replied, "Absolutely", beaming from ear to ear "Yes, yes, I did, I had a wonderful day."

Today was just an ordinary day. I got up, went to work, walked the pooch, etc., etc. And yet, I am in this most delightful place tonight. I'm not pregnant. I'm not in love. Either of those hormonal situations would explain my mood. But, nope, they do not apply. Oh. Wait. It's SPRING!!! Finally, it feels like it is here.


marion said...

Wonderful! I smiled all through this post. Wish you many more.

Anne said...

At the end of World News with Charles Gibson when he says his closing line, my older daughter always says "He BELIEVES". I'm glad someone else responds to him the way we do!