Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loose Ends...

Having one of those nights when I just can't figure out what I feel like doing with myself!! There is a list a mile long of things that need doing, like cleaning, dishes, coloring my hair...nope, not happenin'. There is this other list of things I like doing like knitting, spinning, surfin', watchin' tv or a movie - nope, don't feel like any of those either. I KNOW - knitting?!? I am always knitting!! Just feeling a little out of sorts for no particular reason. Maybe I will go curl up with a book. No baseball tonight, can ya tell??

It all comes back to that balance thing. I am realizing that I come home from work every day and I'm not really taking enough "me" time. In a way tonight has been good. I spent some time hanging out with the dogs and writing in my new journal. Then Lisa and Rico came by and we took the dogs for a walk. Sabre is spending the night as her dad is out of town for the night on business. She is very content up here. And there was ice cream.

Not complaining. It's always a hard time of year for me, this transition from summer to fall. Feel like I didn't get enough summer, you know? And yet, I do love fall. Just not for another few weeks, until I see the leaves turning and start digging out my favorite snuggly warm clothes and I love being outside in the fall...

I'm rambling. I miss my kitty, she is spending the night at the vet as she was spayed today and I felt awful bringing her there!!


Sonya said...

The changing of the seasons can be tough. But like you I am looking forward to getting out my jeans and mules and walking in the crisp air.

Hope kitty comes how feeling well.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. It's kind of like going through a period of mourning for the summer. It doesn't help that this wasn't the sunniest summer ever!

It's good to just veg and do nothing once in a while.

Have a good weekend!

Periwinkle said...


I struggle with this same issue DAILY!

Nat can attest to that.

On the positive side. I feel, for me anyhow, it's within those moments of feeling 'undrawn' 'undriven' to any one particular thing, that mayhaps "God" is creating a new waypoint from the depths of my soul to the Universal Truth and when my finiteness, my humanity, my personality and ego sense this.. they perceive a sense of 'floundering' and 'fish outta water' and 'not knowing what to do with myself'. Because I'm energized yet not so much as to be able to zero in and accomplish anything. It's a deep internal energy and the thought of actually "doing" anything tires me out.

This whole comment is kinda woo woo twilight zone-ish. But I'm just sayin'.. I think I know where you are comin' from. Or if I have no clue. How's this for a little mental/spiritual fodder to feed the wayward souls reading it? LOL

Have a great day!

yarnophiliac said...

I hope today finds you more settled in spirit. And as for Zuni, I know it sucks (poor baby!) but she will be a happier cat for it in the end. Hell, I'd be happier if they'd spay me!!!

Jennie said...

I hope the spay went OK. I have those undecided/distractible days, too. But yours ended up with knitting, ice cream, and friends+dogs--so it's all good, eh?