Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Substitute Blog Post*

*The title originally planned for this space was "Red Sox Take Back First Place in the AL East". You know what they say about plans. I didn't even stick around for the post game - something I always watch because I love hearing Tito answering the media, especially when they ask him stupid questions. Nope, last night the TV was off before they could say "stay tuned for Tom Caron and Extra Innings".

So it's a good thing I have a back-up plan. For some unknown reason, I decided I needed to take a ton of pictures last night to put up on Ravelry. Well, the ton ended up being a dozen or so...and they haven't made it to Ravelry yet...but it made me realize how little knitting really was accomplished this summer!! Anyway, here is some rare fiber porn for your enjoyment...

This is the Lisha Lace Scarf, designed by my friend Gina. I absolutely love this pattern, and the yummy yarn I am knitting it up in makes it even more pleasurable. It is Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere.
Next is the Monkey Sock ( it does have a partner) done in Spunky Eclectic's Skinny Sock in the Peacock Colorway.
Love the pattern, the yarn is soooooo soft..but...they are a little big, especially in the heel. I am hoping they will still be comfortable to wear though.

This is the Cascading Leaves sock, my third time doing this pattern, and the yarn is Knit Picks Essential Tweed. I love this yarn, this is my third pair of socks knit in Essential.

This is my favorite yarn buy from the summer. Purchased at the New Boston Farmer's Market. It is handspun Corridale and the dark colorway is from a sheep named Corey!
This will become a hat and mittens for a gift!

Finally, I have been slowly learning how to spin my own yarn with a spindle. The spindle is a new purchase, it is a Cascade spindle, and I love it. I finally gave up on using my crap roving to learn on and have moved on to the good stuff. This is also from Spunky, more Corriedale, in the Mahogany colorway. I have made peace that it will be thick and thin homespun and I'm sure I will come up with something wonderful to make once I get it done.
So, that's it on the knitting front for now. I'm hoping to finish up the socks I have in progress (I also have a pair of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn that I am knitting in the Oak Ribbed sock pattern from Vintage Sock Knitting by Nancy Bush.


Anonymous said...

Your scarf looks lovely, as do the socks.

It's always better to use the good stuff when learning to spin, and that stuff looks yummy! Love the colors.

Jennie said...

I hear you on the crap roving. I hate doing awful spinning on good stuff! I was recently surprised by spinning awful stuff out of BFL on the drop spindle, then switching to some scratchy, short-staple Black Welsh Mountain on the wheel and spinning very well. Who knew???

That roving you have is *gorgeous*. How is the cashmere to knit with? It doesn't go up your nose like angora, does it?

Anonymous said...

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