Wednesday, January 20, 2010


  • How is it that 3+ months have passed since I have blogged?
  • Every Lady Gaga song I hear, she says "gaga". Is that really necessary?
  • I meet with a group of people twice a month to talk about stuff.
  • This week's topic was "What are you passionate about."
  • I'm passionate about many things.
  • I was feeling very superficial though and thought about things like knitting, and baseball.
  • But mostly I spoke about local food.
  • Tonight I was at the grocery store and I looked at all the pale vegetables of winter who have traveled so far in trucks that use up the oil we are running out of.
  • I wondered what they do with all the produce that spoils that they can't sell.
  • I just made a note to call them tomorrow and ask.
  • Me and Rusty are eating blah summer squash. It is a pale imitation of the yumminess I ate a few months ago.
  • I can't wait for the farmers markets to start up again.
  • This year I would like to plan for fall and winter, perhaps can or freeze some veggies.
  • Why is it called "canning" when glass jars are used?
  • So back to the topic of what I am passionate about. I thought alot more about that tonight.
  • And I made a connection (kind of like connecting the dots - I used to LOVE doing those when I was a kid) between the local food and a couple of other ideas that have floated around in my head for years now.
  • Tomorrow I start writing my proposal/business plan. I have no idea what it will be - I will allow the process to unfold.
  • Tell me what you are passionate about. I really want to know.
  • I challenge you the next time you grocery shop to look at every single label on everything you put in your cart and see where it comes from.
  • Post a comment about this. Where was the furthest place? The nearest? Any surprises?
  • No judgement. Promise.
  • Pitchers and catchers report 2/19. 31 days. SQEEEEEE!!!
  • I really want to re-design this blog...
  • If you have a blog and would like me to link to it, let me know!
*Wednesday Night Bullet Post (idea swiped from Sheepish Annie)


Susan Lovas Orr (McLean) said...

I love this format. Simple and to the point. Although, I miss the in-depth thoughts.

I have really been trying to check labels. But you're right -- this time of year it's difficult to find anything close. And I must admist, I love bananas (those are NEVER close).

Link me:

Long Ridge Farm said...

I love your header! It is all of what you love...very cool.

My thing is the strawberries. I make sure they are from the US and turn over a gazillion boxes to find the freshest ones. Then put 'em in green bags and they hang in for the week. And my Sheltie loves them too so what the heck! Nice to read along with you again.