Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Don't Feel Like Its"

Ever get them?

I was planning to go to knitting tonight - I sorta feel like it.
It would require showering though - don't feel like it.

My garden needs weeding from all the rain we've had. Won't have time this weekend unless the weather is decent when I get home on Sunday - don't feel like it.

Lot's of yummy stuff in the house to make for dinner - don't feel like it.

Do you sense a pattern here? lol.

Hey, look who's back!

Worked from home today. We had a most wonderful kick-ass thunderstorm this afternoon. It was still kind of crappy weather when 5:30 rolled around and I called it a day. Did something I never do - laid on the couch and fell asleep watching the news. Woke up an hour late. I know! Think of all the weeding or showering or knitting I could have been doing instead! And when 11 rolls around tonight and I am wide awake, I will remember why naps on school nights are a no-no.

Tonight however I am indulging my I Don't Feel Like It-ness. (or IDFLI - pronounced "i-dee-fly" with kind of a ghetto accent.)

Haven't even turned on the Game yet. IDFLI. Yet. Silence is nice for now.

This was the scene today in the (home) office:

Hundreds of dogs were seen milling about, I know, the camera couldn't capture them all, but here are Rusty, Lincoln and Sabre try to restore order. Then the kick-ass thunderstorm came along and it looked like this out my window. I was trying to get some of the giant forks of lightning, but missed them.

This was the garden last week. Now it's several inches taller and in need of a good weeding. Maybe Friday morning before I leave town.

On that note, I now feel like dinner and baseball. I shall leave you with these:

And this one is for Gigi. I had been hoping for a better picture than this, but ms Zuni is spending all her time on top of the refrigerator because of what she refers to as "the big goggie" I remind her that "big goggie" has been nothing but a gentleman to her and promise he won't chase her or eat her, but she will have none of that.


Lora said...

Looks like he's being spoiled!!! I'll be sure to hide my knitting this year when we get back home!! No more eating my projects from Kentucky!!

SleepyEyes said...

I LOVE your garden!!! What do you have in there?

We missed you at knitting last night! Can you make it on Friday night?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Zuni will probably fall in love with the big goggie right about the time he has to leave.

What's that? You're not giving him back? Does Lora know yet?

Gigi said...

Zuni Zuni Zuni! Wow has she grown! (Thanks for the pic. =-)

Looks like all is happy in Lisha Land with puppies and kitty and gardening, oh my! We missed you last night, but as I slept in - on and off - until 10am today, I have no right to comment! (Maybe it's catchy? Hmmm wonder who is next...)

Anonymous said...

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