Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neighborhood News

I know I have shared many stories of the fine neighborhood I live in. These tales have perhaps painted a rather bleak picture of said neighborhood. I was thinking this morning about how great the place I live is. The women who own the house are so cool, nice and amazing. I have a rare city perk and that is a backyard. There is all sorts of great stuff growing back there, and I have a nice raised bed garden to grow veggies in, shade from trees, and at the moment a bumper crop of raspberries. My apartment is charming to say the least. The whole house has a very positive, healing energy to it, as though it has always had good people living in it. Wood holds the energies of the past you know.
The house formerly known as the crack house has quieted down - the dealer was jailed last year and I never see the police over there anymore. The house formerly know as the tenement, scene of a bad fire in April, is getting a makeover. The screamers aren't screaming as much these days.
So tonight I am out walking Rusty and Lincoln, and I glance out in to the road and I see this . Warning - do not click on that link if there are children around, you are at work, etc. I'm l ike, are you kidding me? Is that really? I walked over and sure enough. Luckily I had my ph one with me and snagged that picture. Came home and had to text it to my one friend I knew would appreciate it. Her reply, "Was it buzzing?" I could not stop laughing!! Seriously. How does something like that end up in the middle of the road? I'm not sure I want to imagine!!!


Julie said...

That is too funny!

SleepyEyes said...

I can't believe you found that! funny!

Truth Seeker said...


That kinda reminds me of my first night in a new place when I sat bolt upright at about 4am, certain I had left a certain, *ahem* toy box sitting on the roof of my car and forgotten to bring it in. I had flashes of the neighborhood kids terrorizing the entire trailer park playing with their new-found battery-operated mystery goodies...

So I went running out the front door and about passed out when there was no box sitting on top of my car, where I clearly remembered putting the box (but clearly did *not* remember bringing it in...).

Luckily, the girlfriend had brought the box in the house when she went out to close up her truck, and forgot to mention it to me. The toy box was safe under the bed.