Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Before the weekend gets too much further behind us, I want to post some pics from the women's drumming circle I hosted in my yard this weekend! It's something I have wanted to do for some time now, and the women from the bookclub I belong to were interested. So, we made it happen. The weather was amazing - a little on the hot side but the shade came and made for a more comfortable gathering. Oh - wait - I guess it wasn't exclusively womenspace - Rusty and Lincoln were there as well!! I thought maybe they wouldn't like being around the drums, but they stayed in the circle with us the entire time (except to take a break for supper of course).

Drumming is so healing on so many levels. I have no formal training, yet my hands just seem to know what to do. I need to do more of it and plan to make it a priority. (and if anyone is interested, there is a community drum happening in Manchester on 8/16 with Akwaaba from 12 - 3 Bronstein Park, between Hanover and Union streets).

Anyway, back to Saturday. 3 of the group who attended were in not so great emotional spaces. Names and details do not need mentioning. I found it interesting though, that for each of these women, it was as if the universe say a healing space in their future and so threw them each a curve ball, knowing they would have the opportunity to shift things by drumming.

Sunday was equally as fun. I did something most unusual - got up at 6 and out the door shortly after 7. Wow - Sunday mornings are a whole lot cooler than weekday mornings!! For one thing, there is like no one on the roads. And the radio! There is a Beatles Breakfast on 100.7 at 8Am that I think I will listen to at home ( assuming of course I get up in time). So I picked up my friend Melissa in Portsmouth and we proceeded to the Museum of Science in Boston (Cambridge really) to see the Baseball in America exhibit. OMG. It is so worth going. In fact, I have convinced my brother that be must go and we will be going in a few weeks. Unfortunately there were signs all over explaining that this was a low light exhibit and no photography was allowed - which I totally understand as some of the displays were 100+ years old! Bonus points for being in the museum before 10, no crowds. Then we had lunch (also very reasonable) and took in a wonderful Planetarium show. We emerged from the cocoon of the Planetarium, hit the gift shop, and then realized the place was PACKED!! Time to go. Kudos to the MOS for making some much needed improvements. Can't wait to go back! (sidenote: ya know how the MOS has overnight lockdowns for scouting troops, church groups, school groups, etc? How cool would it be if they had a KNITTING OVERNIGHT?!?!?!?)

One week later...

I guess it is a good thing that I don't spend alot of time on-line these days, eh? Finally getting around to adding the pics and posting this...

Before everyone arrived:
Zoom in if you can and check out the expression on Lincoln's face... i love that dog!

Did someone mention that I should grow a pair?

Rusty and Lincoln were there the whole time!

Rosy was happy to find a new drum!


Julie said...

OMG Melissa, you are too funny! I love the pair you grew!

SleepyEyes said...

okay, LOVE the picture of you with your "balls".

And, I whole-heartedly agree that drumming is healing and wonderful. I still have 3 of my drums and would love to have more time to play them.

So cool!

Long Ridge Farm said...

You are tooo funny with that pair!
Drumming sounds like a great release.